An industry professional may sign up for any number of categories.

Best Fade

  • 30 minutes to compete

  • Models must have at least 2 inches of hair on top

  • No pre-cutting, no lines, no shape ups

  • Hair will be cut to 1/2 inch on top to bald on the sides

Barbers will be judged on the blend of the fade, how tight the line is, and the cleanliness of the haircut.

Classic Men’s Design
This is an opportunity for any barber to show their creativity and their own spin on a classic cut of their choosing.

  • 30 minutes to compete

  • Pre-colouring is permitted

  • No pre-cutting

  • Scissors are a must, clippers are also allowed

Barbers will be judged on creativity, overall cut and design, and complexity.

Best Beard

  • 30 minutes to compete

  • Must have a minimum of 1” growth from last trim – there must be a substantial difference between the before and after

  • Head hair must be groomed for the complete look

  • Scissors, clippers and razors are all acceptable tools

Barbers will be judged on design, suitability, style and neatness.

Artistic Freestyle
This is an “anything goes” category. Bring your best Tattooing, Flat Top, Highest Pomp…No limits, No rules.

  • 45 Minutes to complete

  • Pre-Colouring and art colours (i.e. Make up, Spray Colours, Hair Paints) Permitted

Judges will be looking for creativity, imagination, difficulty and execution of an original idea.

Best New Talent
Battle of the Barbers is looking for the best new talents our industry has to offer.
Contestants will be asked to do a Classic Mens Cut. Putting a creative spin on a classic cut of their choosing.

  • 30 minutes to compete

  • This category is open to students, apprentices and junior barbers only (Less than 2 years in the industry).

  • Pre-colour is permitted.

  • No Pre-Cutting

  • Scissors required, clippers allowed.

Barbers will be judged on creativity, overall cut and design, and complexity.


• All contestants must bring a live model and barbering tools in order to participate.

• Please note that all models must be 19 years or older and must be prepared to sign a model waiver form at registration on the day of the event.

• All models hair must be cut at the competition. Semi permanent colour, permanent colour, light colour sprays, and chalks are allowed unless otherwise noted. Barber must show a transformation in the models hair. The judges will pre-inspect models hair during pre-judging or during check in. Violation of the rules will result in a deduction of points and/or disqualification.

• All contestants must check in with there models at least 1 hour prior to the battle.

• Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only. Judges will use a point system on a scale from 1 (lowest) and 5 (highest).

• There is a limited space available for each category so contestants are being selected on a first come first serve basis.

Contact Info

Contact us at Battle of the barbers with any questions or enquiries.